Vive Identity

Branding and Identity are one and the same. A good brand will encompass all areas of a business or organisation and is the first step in a successful marketing and communications plan. Brands are more than logos. They are the orchestration of language, personality, look and style, all carefully chosen and coordinated by your design team to evoke a special feeling / perception from your target audience. A good brand and identity will help you understand and tell your story to your customers and clients in the clearest possible way.

These departmental logo's and monograms were based on the Japanese Mon. Harmonious and balanced symbols that create a sense of kinship.
These departmental logo's and monogram designs were based on the Japanese Mon. Harmonious and balanced symbols that create a sense of kinship.

Above: In this example I created separate signifiers for Vive's different government departments to make clearly definable groups of communication.

Below: Throughout the style guide there are useful examples of the brand philosophy and chosen language which show the personality of the organisation. Department names were designed to heighten a sense of harmonious control, while attractive logos added legitimacy to the organisation's intent. Much of a good style guide can be utilised by the business to produce concise, meaningful content that tells your brand story. This helps with business planning, marketing and communications, and the final roll out of your business.

Additional application were designed for the style guide such as the website design and layout. All elements are constructed to heighten the brand language.

This branding and identity package illustrates how a complete brand identity and style guide can significantly improve an organisation's communications, aka: influence their audience. An identity will help you tell your story in the best way.

This brand identity (a tongue-n-cheek look at how a government party might better implement positive changes through building a well styled and communicated dictatorship) takes a sub-par organisation and transforms it through rigorous branding techniques and processes. The design results are a striking example of the detail that is needed in a full branding project.

The style guide is an exceptionally important document for any organisation. It's a reference point that provides clarity on your business and organisational goals. They aid and support your business plan by: clarifying the company message, setting the tone and personality of communications, refining the company image, and offers a range of other securities and measures which place your business at the top of its game. Even ones as complex as VIVE.  


Verlag, Georgia.


David Sargent