Election Time

When Newman gave QLD lemons, she gave him…

With the coming 2015 election in just 5 days, I thought I'd have a think about what it means to be a South East Queenslander, particularly in terms of design. We have this strange laid back attitude that comes with a hotter climate, design that seems half complete or not laboured too hard. There's a strong "don't rock the boat" mentality on the flip side of that too, so once a trend takes hold it generally seeps in everywhere and sticks for a while. We love the heat and the outdoors which we have access to pretty much throughout the year, we are often at play and this shows in our use of colour and image. The B-side to that is that we are a very conservative, uniformly commercial and a hard working state of people - we like to stick to big brand ideas that don't challenge the status quo if we can. They can be Australian or English brands/ideas, but American is also highly acceptable. We've also learnt through some tough political climates not to listen to those who have something serious to say about how things really are. But there's always a counter culture when you live in an environment like that - and I think that's what I grew up with. 

In many ways I love my state and my home town Brisbane - but I'm also ready to see us step out of the box and bring our thoughts and ideas out to play. We have a fantastic culture of brilliant and creative people here in Queensland, and these great innovators and thinker have been doing it tough in the latest political scene. You've got to keep it playful and innocent in Queensland, keep your complaints behind closed doors and always brave a smile. There's something beautifully zen and harmonious about that way of being, but we should be careful not to let it lead to self-deprecation.  

When I was thinking of the style for this post and what being a Queenslander means to me, I was remembering childhood summers spent on Stradbroke Island and the kinds of bright surf gear us kids were wearing in the early 90's. Mambo, Pyping Hot and a great brand I recall as "Catshit" (only in Australia right?). These clothes were bright, confusing and bold, just the way I remember those summer beach motels and cabins. Playing with my brothers and sisters in the sun, burning to a crisp, are some of my fondest childhood memories. Queensland design has always been playful and funny, and I wanted to see how that could contrast with my thoughts and feelings towards the summer of 2015.

I hope it makes you feel something too. I'd love to see how you all would like to finish the sentence. 

Smell you later alligator!