Each flag presents information about the person who gave their life out of compassion for their people and the events that took place. In this flag lies information about the first immolation event.


In the centre of each flag lies the Western and Tibetan numeral which maps the progression of names in the Self-immolation event. Each of the Tibetan numerals has been scorched using sparklers, celebrating and commemorating the transient nature of the persons life and sacrifice, while symbolising the eradication of the Tibetan culture.


This memorial installation was created in response to the Tibetan immolation protests against their colonisation. Both an exhibition for awareness and a memorial for all those who had fallen. It contained emotional and confronting themes.

At the time of this project, 2013, there had been 86 self-immolations by Tibetans. With each sacrifice there was a call for the liberation of Tibetans from Chinese censorship, and their rights to practice Tibet’s unique cultural heritage more freely. 

The installation also asks, how can such a radical form of communication go unheard for so long, while other areas of the globe receive so much coverage?

Perhaps we are being colonised too.


Hand drawn Tibetan Script, Optima, Chaparral Pro 


Printed on white organic cotton, the Tibetan typography was symbolically burned out using Chinese ‘fire-works’ powder.


Jason Grant, Richard Fraser